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Retail Analytics for Your Industry Because One Size Doesn't Fit All

If you want to improve your profits, you need to measure what matters. With truly transparent performance analytics, the potential for improvements unfold at every opportunity. The key is to ensure data analytics is a part of your daily operations, and specific to your industry.

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Turn every opportunity into a customer with seamless follow up, real-time reporting, and much more. allows your team to focus on what matters most and gives managers full visibility of what is going on in your store.

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Connect salespeople with customers, track the entire customer journey, and much more. This lets your team focus on what matters most and gives managers full visibility of what is going on in your store. 

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Set custom appointments, track time in store, analyze peak hours, and keep customers coming back.

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Distinguish whether a customer is coming in for service or to buy, ensure every one is helped, track their entire buying journey, and much more.

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Automate your kitchen and save time with order-time tracking, optimize scheduling, real-time reporting, and much more​.

How much money are you losing because you don't understand your foot traffic data? ​​ ​​

If you operate a brick-and-mortar business, your team’s performance is critical to your success. As AI and human methods converge, now you can understand what’s happening every step of your customer journey, especially the moment they walk through your door.

Let Computer Vision

Show You What You are Missing

Computer vision captures each person as they enter your location and instantly connects to the dashboard so you can connect them with a salesperson, analyze traffic patterns, and make more money.

Stop guessing and start growing​

At, we understand how difficult it is for business operators to maximize every opportunity. This is why we combine real-world AI with the power of computer vision so you can see your foot traffic, improve your teams, and automate your data.

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For turning every opportunity into a buying customer

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tracking 75 metrics


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Our results speak for themselves

Last year alone, team members successfully tracked over 3 million opportunities, with more than 2000 sales professionals trusting Trakwell to assist their sales teams in becoming more productive and converting more foot traffic into paying customers.

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“After implementing Trakwell powered by the alwaysAI computer vision platform across several locations, La-Z-Boy observed an 81% reduction in false person detections caused by shadows, and a 49% reduction in duplicate person counts on average per month.”

Brad Parker
CEO La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

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About Us (Formerly Doorcounts Retail Sales Cloud) enables unparalleled insights, optimizes processes, and streamlines operations, ultimately empowering you to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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